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Multiple accounts & Fake GPS location & Device id changer

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Clone App uses virtual machine technology to create a stable and high-performance virtual engine, and supports entertainment functions such as fake gps and device id changer. You can run any APP installed on any mobile phone in a virtual environment to realize the experience of running multiple accounts on one mobile phone at the same time, which is safe and stable.

In the virtual environment, functions such as changing the device id changer, disguising the brand model, fake gps, virtual photo album, virtual address book, virtual SMS, virtual call log and other sensitive personal information protection can be used without rooting the phone.

Our virtual engine has been downloaded and used by tens of millions of users. Welcome to experience it.

The cloned application runs in a virtual machine, and an installation file (apk) for the virtual machine to run will be generated according to the configuration. To install the apk file, you need to enable "install unknown application".

The characteristics of Android virtualization technology may cause security software to display warnings. These warnings are false positives. Please ignore and install with confidence.

3.5.0 New features

1.Added privacy space, private applications can be deeply hidden

2.Enhanced device protection

3.4.5 New features

1.Compatible with Android 14

2.Fix some crash issues

Clone App is our clone tool released in the Google Play Store. It also allows unlimited clones and requires fewer permissions. The cloned app runs faster. You can download it through the Google Play Store. However, due to the restrictions of the Google Store, Clone App cannot use advanced functions, such as privacy protection, device camouflage, Fake GPS, etc.

On the same device, Clone App and Clone App Pro share VIP status: for example, if you purchase a VIP of Clone App, Clone App Pro will also become a VIP


Clone App is designed to run & log in to multiple accounts on a mobile phone at the same time. You can create and install multiple accounts for the applications on the mobile phone. The cloned applications run in parallel space and work independently without affecting each other.

Self-developed chaos engine, safe, stable and high-performance, realizes the use of cloned applications without rooting the phone, including changing device id changer, disguising brand model, fake gps, virtual photo album, virtual address book, virtual SMS, virtual call history and other personal sensitivity Information protection and other functions.


1.Run & log in multiple accounts or game applications on one mobile phone at the same time. You can clone multiple accounts or game applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, COC, etc.

2.You can change the name and icon of the cloned application, you can also enable the password lock/virtual keyboard to protect privacy, or run your cloned application in window mode.

3.No need to root the phone to customize the configuration of the cloned application

General settings:

Turn on/off Google services

Security lock

Floating virtual keyboard

Virtual SD card

Device camouflage:

Camouflage brand/model

Device id changer


Change webview proxy

Change WIFI/Bluetooth mac

Change Google Advertising ID

Hide SIM card and carrier, hide GPU information

privacy protection:

Fake gps

Virtual photo album

Virtual address book

Virtual SMS

Virtual schedule

Virtual call log

Prevent recording while running in the background


★Will not collect your personal information to protect privacy.

★Permission, which is required to ensure the normal operation of the cloned application.

★Do not delete the clone app main program, otherwise the clone will not run normally.

In order to experience the VIP function, you can receive the VIP experience code here. After receiving it, open the "Clone App" and enter the "Menu", select the F code and enter it.


1.VIP experience for 7 days

2.The experience code is valid for 72 hours. If you fail to redeem it over time, it will automatically become invalid. You can redeem it here

3.The experience code received on the official website can be used again after 30 days on the same mobile phone

4.Clone App's activity center can get more free VIP

Receive more event awards, please join us telegram channel

VIP function

1.Unlimited cloning

Non-VIP users can only clone 1 per application, and VIP will no longer limit the number of clones

2.Use virtual keyboard

Use the virtual keyboard in the cloned application. After enabling it, no external keyboard will be enabled to prevent the external input method from gaining your privacy.

3.Fake gps can simulate movement

In addition to the fake gps, it can further simulate the real movement within a certain range, so as to be more real.

Not compatible

Not all applications can be cloned! The cloned app may crash, display errors, or not work properly.

Clone App and the generated cloned application may not be compatible with Android emulators and some device ROMs.

You can use "Feedback" to report problems with the cloned application.

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