Clone app attaches great importance to the protection of users' privacy rights, and we have formulated a detailed privacy policy covering how to collect, store, share and protect users' information.

We hope that through this privacy policy to clear to you about our handling of your personal information, the policy related to your use of this software, please before use, fully read and understand the policy, and make the corresponding choice, if you do not agree to any content of the policy, should immediately stop using this software, otherwise when you continue to use this software, say you fully understand the entire content and agree to the privacy policy.


1. You agree that the clone app will collect the following information during your use:

1) device information. In order to provide better products/services, we will collect mobile device id, brand and model.

A. Identify whether you are a member by the device ID

B. The brand and model can be used to solve the compatibility problem

2) application information. In order to provide relevant functions and services, we need to collect the application information , including application package name, application size, application icon, and application name, but it does not include the account number and password involved or any third-party application information.

3) log information. When you use the clone app, our server will record some behavior logs related to your use of the software, including some basic information of the log (IP address, date, clone apps).


2. You agree to use the collected data as follows:

Clone app has collected your relevant information only for the purpose of providing better products and services. Except for our affiliated companies and third party judicial authorities, clone app will not share the relevant data with any third party individuals or institutions under your authorization.

If you have any other questions or Suggestions, please contact us. We strictly follow this policy to protect users' privacy information and provide you with better experience and services.